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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a collection of questions that I get asked a lot by clients. If you have any other questions, not listed here, you can always send me an email at [email protected].

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Common Buyer Questions

Real estate agents aren’t just sales people who open doors. While we would love to drive around showing homes all day, a large part of our jobs is also educating our clients, providing important representation during negotiations, and helping to coordinate all the moving parts of a home purchase.

Absolutely not. Any agent can set you up on an MLS home search to help you find a home. The reason why many, including myself, recommend having a prequalification is to keep your budget in check and present a strong offer.

The answer to this question can vary depending on a client’s needs and wants. There is no simple answer, but as a resale expert and new home guide, I have helped clients with both types.

You can still have a Realtor when you are looking to purchase a new build home in Arizona. In fact, it is advantageous because it does not cost the buyer anything and provides an extra level of representation and protection for the buyer.

Absolutely. Make sure you hire a real estate agent and work with a reputable mortgage lender who can help you plan for a home purchase with student loans.

Whether it’s finding you a First-Time Homebuyer program or working through your Debt-to-Income ratio, I can help you make the best decision for your lifestyle while still working towards the homeownership dream.

Common Seller Questions

Of course you can, but there are a few reasons why I do not recommend listing your home on your own.

For one, a licensed agent will be able to get your home on the Multiple Listing Service, which serves as the most comprehensive database for potential buyers.

Additonally, real estate agents like myself earn their commissions by providing services that would take up valuable time for a seller to do on their own. I provide a comprehensive home valuation to price your home to sell, top-notch print and digital marketing to get eyes on your home, and manage the complex legal and financial paperwork that is required to get your home sold.

Listing agreements are standard practice contracts that set the expectations for the seller, agent, and their brokerage. This includes things like a property description, the length of the listing period, desired sale price, and agreed upon commission amount.

There are a few factors that go into the timing of putting your home up for sale. A reputable realtor will help you find, plan and execute a realistic timeline for selling your home. They will consider the current market demand, seasonal flows, possible repairs, and can even submit your home to investors and iBuyers like Opendoor for you to get you a variety of options.

There are many ways to both sell your current home and purchase another one in the same timeframe to minimize the chances of renting in-between. I have helped many clients find a solution that fits their situation best. Options have included contingent offers, renting back the home upon closing, among others.